Occlusal Splint for teeth grinding

Bruxism or tooth grinding is caused by reasons such as stress, bite problem or simply just a bad habit. Constant grinding will cause problems like worn teeth, loose teeth, chipped teeth, cracks on teeth, jaw muscle and joint soreness as well as headaches.

Treatment for tooth grinding involves two stages. The first stage involves the usage of a custom made night guard, known as a splint to protect the teeth as well as reducing inflammation in the joint while relaxing the muscles. The splint must be made carefully to ensure that it does not exacerbate the problem. These splints are designed for long term use and therefore must be checked at the periodic check-up appointments, ensuring that they still fit the way they are supposed to. Most people will not need more than this for their grinding problem.

Depending on the seriousness of the damage caused to the teeth due to grinding, some patients may need to have their teeth built up to restore the lost height. As a result, normal chewing function is restored. This may mean that most teeth in the mouth need to be restored, typically with crowns or onlays.

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