The importance of oral health in men

Various survey and studies have shown that men are less likely to take care of their health in comparison to women. The oral health of men is also ignored in a similar manner. It is essential to have good oral hygiene for health and physical well-being. Yet, the majority of men tend to ignore taking steps for the well-being of their dental hygiene. Most men avoid going to the dentist for preventive dentistry and they visit dental clinic only when a problem arises.

Use of cigarettes further worsens the oral health. This can also cause various chronic diseases such as throat cancer, oral cancer, and various other periodontal (gum) diseases.

What is periodontal disease and how it causes a problem?

Periodontal disease or gum disease is an outcome of uncleaned plaque, which hardens into a porous substance called tartar. These tartar is a host of bacteria and produces the acids which irritate gums. These acids produced by bacteria is also responsible for the breakdown of fiber that holds the gum and the teeth – which further creates pockets for bacteria to live in. The researchers have found a link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

If you have noticed these symptoms, then it is time for you to visit your dentist.

  1. Bleeding gums while brushing
  2. Loose teeth
  3. Red or swollen gums
  4. Persistent bad breath
  5. Do you use tobacco?

If smoking or chewing tobacco is your daily routine, the risk level for gum disease and oral cancer increases significantly. The probability of getting affected by oral diseases among men is twice as often as women, and 95 percent of oral cancers occur in those over 40 years of age.

The various site cancer attacks in a mouth are tongue, the floor of the mouth, soft palate tissues in the back of the tongue, lips, and gums. If not diagnosed and treated in its early stages, oral cancer can spread, leading to chronic pain, loss of function, irreparable facial and oral disfigurement following surgery and even death. More than 8,000 people die each year from oral and pharyngeal diseases. If you use tobacco, it is important to see a dentist frequently for cleanings and to ensure your mouth remains healthy. Your general dentist can perform a thorough screening for oral cancer.

Simple steps to take care of your teeth

There are various preventive measures you can follow to prevent oral disease. A simple technique such as flossing and brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day helps a lot in combating dental issues. You should consider visiting dentist at least once a year for checkup and cleaning. Some other tips on taking care of your dental health are:

  1. It is wise to replace toothbrush at least once in every three months.
  2. Soft-bristled toothpaste should be used to clean corner and surface of teeth.
  3. Using toothpaste with fluoride can reduce tooth decay by at least forty percent.
  4. Spend at least 3 minutes brush your teeth.
  5. Make gentle strokes over tooth and surrounding gum tissue
  6. Floss time to time
  7. Avoid artificial sweeteners, cold drinks, cigarettes, and tobacco.

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